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About Emphonic

Emphonic is a Czech DJ and Producer, currently residing in Swiss, who has been involved in the music production scene since 2004. With years of experience behind his keyboard, various synth creations and a dedication to sound engineering, he is currently exploring his creative limits crossing the boundaries into other genres. His productions of late have begun to identify his true sound, taking him in the direction of slower tempos and ambient melodies. He has successfully participated in a number of remix competitions, with Blu Mar Ten paying particular interest to his entry in to the All or Nothing competition. This inevitably led to his tracks being released on various labels and Drum & Bass compilations. Full interview for Radio1 followed by DJ set available here.

Remix Contests Winner:

Sayko - Siren RMX winner
Tina Malia - The Lost Frontier RMX winner
Bu Mar Ten favourited among few others his remix of All Or Nothing rmx
Knowledge magazine Unsigned Competition July 2012 runner up

Beatport Releases

Alebrije (Kiosek Rec), Parfume (Rec), La Playa (DNC Rec), Initial Phase (DNC Rec), Morning Star feat Lusiula (Nu Venture rec.), Deep Vibes (Nu Venture rec.), Sound Design (Biobull rec.), Knowless (Biobull rec.), Reflection X (Biobull rec.), Leaving Me Out (Biobull rec.), No More Time (Biobull rec.), Creamy World (Biobull rec.), SubDomain (Biobull rec.),


Interview for outdoor magazine Srdcaři
Colaboration with dokumentary filmmakers Srdcaři

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Feel free to email me to provide some feedback, suggestions, colabs, gigs or to just say hello! roman(at)emphonic.com